“He was a Prince every Way qualified for governing. None ever understood Politics better than he. The Balance of distributive Justice he held in an exact Equilibrium. He was brave and cunning in War, and merciful and magnanimous in Peace, temperate in his Diet and Recreations, and modest and grave in his Apparel, courteous in his Behaviour to his Subjects, and affable in his Discourse; He encouraged Virtue, and discountenanced Vice, and he studied the Laws of Humanity, and observed them as well as those of Religion…”

[A description of the Great Indian Emperor, Aurangzeb, by the Scottish merchant, Alexander Hamilton, who resided and travelled in numerous countries in the East, and who did not hesitate in describing a country as being oppressive and repressive if he found it to be so. He resided and travelled in India for many years during the latter part of Aurangzeb’s reign, even fighting for the British East India Company in their short-lived war against the Great Emperor which ended in a crushing, humiliating defeat for the British.]


Under the 50-year reign of Hadhrat Aurangzeb (rahmatullahi alayh), India reached its zenith and became the most powerful and richest country in the world. The unprecedented wealth and prosperity (more than 25% of world GDP) which India experienced under the rule of Aurangzeb, were enjoyed by all strata of the society, from the commoners to the nobility, both Muslims and non-Muslims, as shall be demonstrated in this blog – a level of prosperity which India, terribly impoverished even today in this so-called age of enlightenment, peace and harmony, has yet to come close to achieving ever since Aurangzeb’s reign, 300 years ago.

There is agreement amongst friend and foe alike that Hadhrat Aurangzeb was the epitome of orthodox Islam and a firm adherent to Islamic teachings in every sphere of life.

According to the enemies of Islam, including many so-called “objective” academics and historians, Islam was spread throughout the world, including India, through tyranny and oppression. Such alleged tyranny and oppression, in the fabricated revisionist history, involve genocide and forced conversions of countless non-muslims (Kuffaar) of all faiths, and the systematic destruction of their places of worship.

Furthermore, since it is alleged that the root of all the tyranny and oppression inflicted by Muslim rulers is Islam itself – in its most pure form i.e. orthodox and conservative Islam, and since all agree that Hadhrat Aurangzeb was an orthodox and conservative practitioner of Islam, Hadhrat Aurangzeb’s life and rule provides an ideal test case to measure the accuracy of this alleged connection between Islam and tyrannical oppression.

The abundant sources and contemporary accounts which shed light on Hadhrat Aurangzeb and his reign, will enable the sincere seeker of truth to determine whether this alleged connection between Islam and tyranny is tenable or not, or whether it is part of a satanic propaganda fabricated by the enemies of truth and Islam.

Evidences from a range of sources, including eye-witness accounts, should provide an adequate glimpse into the life and character of Hadhrat Aurangzeb, who is regarded widely as the most “fanatical”, puritanical and ardent practitioner of Islam amongst the rulers of India, and which should also depict an accurate portrayal of his supposedly tyrannical regime, allegedly ruled with an iron-fist, in which non-muslims are supposed to have been systematically subjected to mass-slaughter or mass-conversions, and their places of worship destroyed at every possible opportunity.

The quotes, citations, eye-witness accounts, and other evidences will initially be gathered below in the form of brief posts. Later, when time permits, the material will be arranged and ordered in a coherent manner as part of a comprehensive article insha-Allah.